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When you suffer from fibroids, a likely question will be “how did I get them?” Many publications will tell you that no answers can be given for the causes of fibroids. If we combine some facts and suggestions coming from a diversity of healthcare disciplines, however, this will give a better view.
If we are to start finding ways of preventing fibroid tumours, more insight is essential.

We will also have a look into the causes of particular symptoms – and how to deal with them. Understanding what is happening to you, and what the difference is between a fibroid and a malignant tumour, will make your choice of treatment well founded.

How to get back to health, and stay healthy, is what this is all about.


What Causes Fibroids

The issues around the reasons why fibroids develop are complex. Causes may differ per woman as they are influenced by a number of factors. Researchers have linked them to both a genetic predisposition and a subsequent development of susceptibility to hormone stimulation.
A history of previous pregnancy termination – whether it be spontaneous or elective – has not been found to be linked to increase the likelihood of fibroids. Women who never had children do seem to be at a higher risk for these tumours – but the reason for this is shrouded. This may well have been noted because women without offspring will more often have a demanding career . . . but even so, women who have children and juggle work with family responsibilities, might be susceptible too:
We will see how certain lifestyles could be influencing hormonal balance – the long-term disturbance of which is a major factor in the growth of fibroids.
Or . . . perhaps it’s more comfortable to keep our eyes shut? Read more...

What Fibroids Cause – how Symptoms Develop

Menstrual periods are a natural part of life for women – we might even feel we’re not supposed to be troubled by it. That’s all very well when things are normal; but what if it isn’t
Many women think they have to be strong and put up with heavy bleeding and painoften for too long. Dealing with the symptoms of fibroids has an impact on both body and mind:
Your body has to work overtime,  and studies have shown ‘chronic’ anaemic states to temporary lower IQ. And how about our mood? Mood is not only influenced by the stress our health problem puts on us. Our mental state has in turn a huge influence on our basal hormonal balance, whichthere we are; makes us feel hormonal, and just agravates all our symptoms.
All this, puts you in a position where it gets harder to make a thorough decision about appropriate treatment for your growing fibroids. Perhaps it will help, to obtain a little insight in the cascade of happenings in body and mind resulting from fibroids. Read more...


The possibility for a uterine growth to be malignant is very rare. Yet precaution prompts many physicians to advise the most drastic ‘cure’; surgical methods. Factually, this is not necessary for fibroids. So... what do we really need to be afraid of: cancer or misplaced precaution.
Read about malignancy and the truth about biopsies – including disturbing new trends like testing for CA-125. And be well informed about how really to prevent malignancy to take hold. Read more...

Life after Fibroids – How to Stay Healthy

To restore balance at the body-mind-spirit level is something that has been mentioned time and again, as this is the true basis of healing – and a real challenge in our current society.
This is to a great extend every person’s own responsibility, in addition to what your doctor can do for you – and some tips for self-care are implicated. Read more...

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