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This is not ABOUT my story.
In describing what happened to me I hope to help other women find their way more easily and confidently to the right form of treatment for their fibroids. And perhaps I might save a few wombs along the way from ending up on the ‘plates’ of gynaecologists unnecessarily.
My story is much longer than stated here, but. . . it has a HAPPY ‘ENDING’, so should you get bored; at least read the end bit !
What happened to me is not unique – unfortunately many women put up with the effects of fibroids for a long time because a hysterectomy is the only treatment offered to them.
But it certainly is not the only option.

There’s a lot I encountered on this 'journey' – not only medical, but all the same very much a part of the road back to health. I hope it will at least inspire you to walk with courage down your own healing path. Hopefully not such a long-winding one as mine. Nevertheless, I certainly feel it was all for a purpose, as I learned a great deal from it.


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It is a basic right to have control of your body
and make decisions about your health and health-care
on the basis of all available information,
free from the pressure of following
your physician’s preferred treatment option.

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