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The local IT center.
The local IT center
G'day , How is your day today? Nice to meet you. I'm , yourrrrr webmaster; Jaap Roskam (pronounce: Yaap). Married with Irma and lived 24 hours a day 7 days a week with her since 1983...! I was trained as a mechanical engineer but that certificate did not impress me and I became a busy photographer since many years, from there I explored Graphic design and now Web design.
Warning, this image may be harmfull for little Cats.On top of my hat sits 'Duijfke' , she was named after the first European ship on Australian shores: ' de Duijfken ' ( little Dove ). She (the ship !) landed in 1606 at Cape York Peninsula, some of the crew where killed by the friendly natives and the Dutchies choose to leave it as it was. The ship was Dutch (like me).
She ( the Cat !) found us (Irma and myself) in Rockhampton during our travels through Australia. Since then she has seen more of this continent as any other Cat and many locals..... She enjoyed Ayers Rock, the Operahouse and the Sydney Harbour Bridge but especially the Big Red Sand Dunes of the Simpson desert. She decimated our local Rat population but is scared of our Chook and respects all other Birds.

Currently we (Irma , the Cat, the Chook and I) enjoy living in the Tweed Valley but are longing for a trip to the Red Centre. Sure: when we're there want to race back to our green spot here.

You might have guessed: I love Irma, Historic Ships, Rain Forests and Red Rocks, travelling and Cats, Webdesign and Photography, a hopeless combination.
If you love historic ships like I do: just see my Batavia website here.
If you want to see Irma's Art look here. As your webmaster I hope to entertain or educate you with my work, if not:

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy life , please be fantasy full, don't wait.

Dare to follow a dream! Have fun! Don't look back!

Life 's toooo short!

Oh, if you like my work just contact me and we will see how to make you an e-millionaire

Cheers ! Jaap Roskam

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