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THIS INFORMATION about Fibroid Disease was realised in order to fill-in the information-gap that patients have encountered around available treatment in woman's health.
Possibly, a book will follow in the near future.

An effort has been made to balance a broad spectrum of information towards patients – including some less attainable data. It is my hope this will contribute in helping women with symptomatic fibroids to make informed decisions about their treatment.

It is also intended to assist physicians to obtain an even better overview of the latest developments and all available treatment options for this widespread condition. The given information is a compilation of a diversity of scientific data as well as personal experiences of patients.

Explained are in full the pros and cons of each treatment. Some emphasis is on Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE) — this treatment gives women an important minimally invasive option to hysterectomy and other invasive surgeries. This procedure is performed by Interventional Radiologists, doctors who specialise in targeted, image-guided treatments that generally replace surgery. These procedures are an advance in medicine; they are easier for patients because they involve no large incisions, less risk, less pain and shorter recovery times. It has a high success rate, and as an ex-patient I believe that fibroid embolisation will have to become more available to patients.

If women are seeking information around fibroids and their treatment – and about alternatives for hysterectomy – they would be helped with informed medical support.

The quickest way to get an overview is to read the summaries with each chapter under 'TREATMENT OPTIONS'
Physicians might also be interested to read 'Importance of the uterus — and sexual function' in the chapter about hysterectomy.

If I do have a bias, it is towards my wish to hand women all information they might be seeking in order to make their own decision whether or not they want to keep their uterus.

If physicians would like their name to be included in the website's directory of specialists or referring doctors – or if further queries arise – please contact us. (click here)

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It is a basic right to have control of your body
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